I am running Transfer on LAN to kind of emulate AirDrop.

However, I am unsure as to how to access my PC running Transfer on LAN from my iPhone 6.

Here are three things I tried, none of which worked:

  1. App store search for Transfer on LAN. nada

  2. With Transfer on LAN running, I pointed Chrome on my iPhone to just to see if a webserver is running. (It may be the case that my PC's firewall blocked it without alerting me that it did so.)

  3. With Transfer on LAN running, I pointed Chrome on my iPhone to as 2011 is the default port used by Transfer on LAN.

Transfer on LAN is now defunct it seems so I cannot get support from them I don't think.

Would Dropbox do what I want without having to send files over the internet or be subject to Dropbox' filesize restrictions? I have some GoPro mp4's I want to just slide over to my iPhone from a PC that are about 2GB each so DropBox isn't viable for me.

Also I tried Instashare but that seems sketchy because, although it works perfectly, to continue past the trial, Instashare wants some information that really feels like a phishing scam. I'm not about to give up my paypal email or credit card number to some company I do not know.


Not sure about your question directly as I don't know that app. But look into Bit Torrent sync. It creates a Dropbox-like folder that exists only in your LAN, no syncing with outside servers.

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