[EDIT] I'm afraid this language feature is gone in Pages 5.*

How does one use different languages in Pages headers and footers?
I don't need spell checking but language switching (for headers and footers in an automatic language different from the system language)

Google (and forums) says:
"Inspector > Text > More > Language" and create custom style.

But... I have no "language" tab in Inspector -> Text -> More

When I select text I see:

enter image description here

(In OS X/Preferences I already selected multiple languages for spell checking)

System: El Capitan
Pages: 5.6.1

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Pages 5 can no longer tag text according to language, to have this feature you must go back to using Pages 4. For spellcheck, you select the dictionary via Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and Grammar.

  • Highlight the section of page number
  • Go to Document
  • Section
  • Format



I'm writing in Polish. In Pages version 5.6:

  • Select all the text
  • Go to Edit > Spelling and Grammar
  • At the bottom of small window you may select your language.


  • This answer just duplicates the previous one, and it's not even correct, because you can't see the dictionary unless you go a layer further down than Spelling and Grammar. Commented Mar 16, 2016 at 17:36

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