I am using exKey and KeyShorcut Pro tweaks for customization of my iOS keyboard, on a jailbroken iPhone. I wanted to duplicate my Facebook app and used duplicatorstore.com to duplicate Facebook as it supports iOS 9.0.2. I installed 'Facebook 2' from this site.

When I try to use 'Facebook 2' app, the iOS keyboard is shown like Cydia, iFile (exKey and KeyShorcut Pro features are not shown) and I must write my Facebook password every time I open the duplicate Facebook app. I want to use KeyShorcut Pro tweak with this duplicate Facebook app because I don't want to always write my long Facebook password and want to set it to a key shortcut.

How can enable keyboard tweak features on a iOS app which runs as root?


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Its not possible. Cydia Enable tweak already doing this. Just a problem. Not updated for 1.1.26 of Cydia version.


This is not possible as tweaks run as the mobile user such that they can be controlled by Cydia Substrate. This means that if a tweak malfunctions, Substrate Safe Mode can disable the tweak.

It would be dangerous for a tweak with a large/non-existent filter list (i.e. available in many/all apps including the SpringBoard) to run as root which would prevent it being disabled. If such a tweak were to inject into SpringBoard and cause a crash, and not be able to be disabled in the event of the aforementioned crash, the device would need to be restored.

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