Using TextMate, I noticed when you open a new set of quotations, the ending quotation is automatically created and wraps what you are going to type. Let's say I am finished typing my string literal, and now my cursor in the position right before the ending quotation. I still need to write other things after the ending quotation. For example, I may be writing a parameter for a function, and the function has a few more parameters. I know CMD + ENTER goes to the next line, and I know CMD + SHIFT + ENTER ends the current line with a semi-colon and then moves the cursor to the next line. Is there a similar natured hotkey that moves the cursor to the position after the ending quotation? I understand that I can just press ' and then SPACE, and that I can use the arrow keys, but I want to know if there is a hotkey with similar a similar nature. Also, for future reference, I feel like I can never find all these hotkeys that I maybe look for. Where am I supposed to look?

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You didn't give any examples, but if this is your use case:

somefunction("onestring", "otherstring")

Then you're asking for a hotkey to move your cursor from position ab to bc, which can be accomplished by hitting (right arrow key) once. Any hotkey combination would result in more key-presses than this and therefore not be beneficial (unless you want to avoid moving your hand off the home position, in which case you may want to look at ViMate).

For finding hotkeys the Textmate bundle contains a function called Show Keyboard Shortcuts, which lets you do exactly that. Hit ^⌥⌘K to quickly access it.

  • That was the thing, it was efficient because I had to move my hand off the home row.
    – Strawberry
    Aug 26, 2011 at 1:40

Currently using: TextMate version 2.0-alpha.9547

Was trying to define it myself when I found out it is already defined as:

Ctrl + f

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