I have an ipad2 and windows XP service pack 3.
When put USB to Windows XP it recognizes IPad2 and I can hit "Trust this computer' on Ipad2. However, the windows XP computer then says "new hardware found" insert installation disk if have one.

I don't have it.
The computer's new hardware wizard can then choose best to install the software (recommended)... It chooses "Digital Still Camera". If I click "Next", it then says warning this has not passed windows logo testing to verify its' compatibility with XP and may lead to destabilization. So, if I cancel then the hardware (IPad2) is not recognized. Please help!

I know I need to get the proper software/driver installed on the Windows XP computer so it will show the IPad 2 in my camera & scanner area. Once I do that, I need to know the next steps to transfer the photos on IPad2 also. THX!
PS- I do have up to date iTunes version on XP computer.

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Your issue is likely to be that you in fact don't have the latest iTunes, because it will not run on Windows XP.

The oldest supported MS OS is Windows 7. See http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

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