Pasting images into a pages document is very cumbersome, requiring each individual image to be re-set and location to be adjusted manually to 'Move with Text/ & /Inline with Text' - can image-pasting be made to default to that setting ?

Thanks muchly for anyone knowing of a (likely?) simple-yet-hidden solution ? peter


First make sure that the image you want to replace is defined as a media place holder. To do this click on the image that you want to replace so that it is active. Now go to format at the top of your screen and choose "Advanced" from the "Format" drop down. You should see the following bold text with a check mark in front of it "Define As Media Placeholder". If it is not bold with a check mark in front of it click on it so that it is. Once the image has been defined as a media placeholder right click on it and choose "Replace Image". You will be given a choice of file paths to choose your new image which should then replace the original image and keep its formatting. This only hitch is that you might be limited to choosing only those images which have been saved to your photo stream.

  • Thanks muchly for your reply, yogi - have tried... though am not attempting to 'replace' existing image, but simply keep pasting-adding new images Any additional image pasted into text-body is placed by defaulting to 'Text-wrap Automatic' causing pasted image placed at location other than intended- image pastes onto previous page or above the chapter/paragraph and needs setting 'Inline w Text' and re-placing manually - would love to have the default Object-placing to be 'Move w Text / Inline w Text' Well... thanks much for your reply good wishes peter – Peter Vernon Quenter Jan 7 '16 at 21:21

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