Are there any applications out there that can record mouse interaction, and save a standard image1 that adequately conveys the exact situation that using the mouse created?

Due to the proliferation of gestures in Lion, I would like to include an image conveying exactly what I do in bug reports. Take for example my question regarding Chrome's use of Two-finger forward/back gestures. I would love to attach an image that conveys my exact touch pad usage (and a standard mouse could be beneficial too in other cases) when filing a bug report regarding my gesture grievance.

1 Where standard image file is something like an animated gif, or perhaps an annotated jpg/png with indicators of finger number, and stroke direction.

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    With different color overlays for different finger gestures, YES PLEASE!! – bmike Aug 16 '11 at 20:24

I don't know of an app that displays gestures, but FingerMgmt displays the locations of your touches (and the size, dimension, etc.) in a window. You could record that to attach to your bug reports.

  • Nice application, I could couple that with screen recording software to make a very sophisticated Bug Report. I'd still love something that does the recording and exporting for me. – Jason Salaz Aug 28 '11 at 6:48

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