I have started using MS Outlook for mail and calendar management because of its tight integration and ease of handling mail. I have a Gmail account an iCloud account and a POP account with an Australian ISP. I sometimes have to open the old Mail.app to find an older piece of mail and when I do this tons of duplicate emails start rolling into the program. It’s a waste of time going through and deleting them as I have already dealt with them in Outlook. Should I archive all the old mail in Mail.app and then not use that app again or is there a better approach to this?

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    You can stop auto download/check of new mail in account setting.
    – Pratik
    Dec 30 '15 at 8:13

Why don't you move all your existing e-mails from Mail to Outlook, instead of having to switch between two applications to do it? This article suggests that Outlook might be able to do that directly from your hard drive.

As @Pratika Rana pointed out in the comments, you can also turn off autodownload of e-mails by account: in the Mail preferences (Mail -> Preferences... in the menu bar), select the account you want to modify and select the Advanced tab. The Include when automatically checking for new messages should turn off automatic downloading of new e-mails, while leaving your account active and existing e-mails untouched, while still giving you the option to download new e-mails manually if you go back to using Mail in the future.

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