I'm trying to figure out how to get a chrome desktop app (Kiosk) to launch at startup. I've gone to System Preferences > Accounts > Login items and added Kiosk (User > Applications > Chrome Apps > Kiosk) but it won't launch.

Any idea how to get these to launch properly at startup on OS X?

I do have an Automator application running at startup which executes a few node.js commands from a bash script, so maybe I could do it that way, but I'm not sure how.

If I go to the application icon and get info, I can see it says:

Default afhcomalholahplbjhnmahkoekoijban.app under name and extension, and its location is /Users/mikeheavers/Applications/Chrome Apps.localized but if I attempt to run:

open -a Default /Users/mikeheavers/Applications/Chrome\ Apps.localized/afhcomalholahplbjhnmahkoekoijban.app

from Terminal it says that the file doesn't exist

I was able to get this to work on a PC by looking at the Kiosk shortcut icon and copying the flags in the target field, then running a scheduled task that launched Chrome with those flags, but I can't find those flags on a Mac.

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