For those that don't know yet, Bootcamp no longer requires (supports) USB drive to install Windows.

I'm trying to install Windows 10 but getting a "No image are available" notice on Windows setup window after entering the license key.

I haven't found a single result about this online (so far). Any ideas?


El-Capitan on Early 2015/MBP 13".

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When I used an old product Win 7 Pro product key thinking I could upgrade (iso was Win 10 single language) it stated no images available when I entered my old key.

When I skipped entering a product key, it brought up the iso image as expected.

On the second computer, I downloaded the first english image from Microsoft and it accepted the pro key. Very strange that the single language image meant home only (not pro).

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    Yeah that was the problem. The key wasn't "valid" according to microsoft but it's all sorted now. Commented Mar 8, 2016 at 15:26

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