There are many, Free or Paid iOS Apps to download Youtube Video. Most of them worked the same, where you paste the URL into the built in browsers, press and hold the play button to download.

However most of these Apps only download the low / 360P version of the file. I wanted to save the full 720P or 1080P video, and have yet to find an Apps that does it. Anyone know of any Apps/ Ways to download the Youtube HD video on iPhone?

Edit: I try using KeepVid.com, the resulted link only allows me to play the video file in Safari, and not save it.

  • You can use QuickTime player to record whatever is on your iPhone in HD, that's how I save YouTube videos. Dec 23, 2015 at 16:22

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iCab Mobile (http://www.icab-mobile.de/) is a very functional web browser with many plugins In addition to the ability to download files for local storage and then opening with other apps via iOS's native share sheets. If you can view the video in the browser, you can download it. It also offers the ability to change your browser's ID so that you can tell the server you are on a Mac or Windows desktop in order to get your desired resolution. Highly recommended tool for downloading videos at whatever resolution you want.


If you don't necessarily need an app, there are much better web pages out there for downloading YT videos. Try this: https://loader.to/en22/

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