Firstly, I have the latest OS X installed (10.11.2) and when I log in to the Mac with my administration account everything regarding the trackpad gestures works smoothly.

What impresses me is that when I create a guest user account, then I cannot resize any window with the 3 finger swipe gesture (yes, I have checked the settings). However, if I press hard the trackpad and swipe, then it works.

Does anyone have a similar problem?

  • I have already tried SMC/PRAM reset and deleting/disabling the account but the problem persists.

UPDATE: This problem occurs no matter the type of account I create (i.e. even if I create an extra administration account).

  • Ok, solution found here, for anyone who has the same problem. – thanasissdr Dec 23 '15 at 15:03

Thank you @thanasissdr for answering your own question:

  1. To enable 3-finger swipe on any account, go to System Preferences > Accessibility.
  2. On the right, choose Mouse & Trackpad.
  3. Click "Trackpad Options..."
  4. Check "Enable dragging" and select "three finger drag" from the drop-down list.

Here's the Apple discussion that answers this question.

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