I have downloaded VLC for Mac, and I installed it. Now every time I open a video that is supposed to be opened by VLC, it starts verifying again, like it is the first time and it will install it. I also don't see a shortcut in the Applications folder. What is the way around this?


If your Applications folder doesn't contain VLC.app, you probably didn't install it properly. The verifying process (trying to start VLC) indicates that a dmg containing the app has to be opened.

Since VLC is a self-containing app you don't have to initiate an installation. Instead open the downloaded VLC.dmg, drag and drop the VLC.app inside the mounted dmg to the folder /Applications. Then unmount the dmg and start VLC.


I had the exact same issue. I think it happened because I tried to open a video file using Open With while the VLC dmg was still mounted (even though I did properly install VLC to /Applications/VLC.app). Apparently it associated to the mounted dmg instead of /Applications/VLC.app.

The solution was simple:

  • Unmount the VLC dmg.
  • Run in a terminal: killall Finder

After this, using Open With > VLC associated to the proper /Applications/VLC.app, and did not go through the "verify" process every time.

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