Every once in a while I'm unable to open the NoMachine client. If I double click, I just get the error:

The application “NoMachine.app” is not open anymore.

And nothing in the console.

If I try clicking on one of my usual connections using the top, menu-bar icon --- nothing happens.

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If you're using 10.11, check this out:

A crash occurs when executing a call to network API on OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Based on the Diagnostic Report, the crash occurred during the discovering of other computers on the network and it's related to a call to network API.

As a temporary solution, disabling the 'Discovering of other computers on the network' in player.cfg helped, but this is not a fix and we cannot exclude that the crash appears again. There can be other situations in which a call to the same API can be executed.


  • Edit the player.cfg file in the .nx/config directory under the user's home (~/.nx/config) on the client computer.
  • Set:

    <option key="Discover other NoMachine servers in the network" value="false" />

The workaround in that page helped me. Some weeks ago they've also sent me a test library fixing the issue (I've reported the problem on their forums). You may get in touch with them or wait for an official fix.

  • Thanks! Naively, I don't see how these issues are connected... were you getting the same errors as I am in this situation? Dec 22, 2015 at 18:25

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