How do I see a list of all running processes/tasks on macOS/OS X?


Inside Terminal, you can type ps aux

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Terminal is available under the utilities folder in the App folder.


Applications / Utilities > Activity Monitor

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  • How do I enable it to show ALL Processes? I'm an admin user but can only see my process – Michael Brown Sep 12 '17 at 2:44
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    @MichaelBrown - View menu. – Tetsujin Sep 12 '17 at 6:19

You can use top -o mem inside terminal, to see running processes


The app /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor is what you're looking for. If you use the command line in Terminal, the top command is useful too. In Terminal, type man top to see the various options. Activity Monitor shows you a wealth of information about each process.


You can use

top -o cpu


top -o rsize


ps aux


To see the process names just by themselves with quotes and new lines, try this in Terminal:

ps axc | sed "s/.*:..... /\"/" | sed s/$/\"/

Try top -o +state, it will show all the running processes in the top of the 'top', however, below it will also show the sleeping processes.


Okay, look what I found:

You can use - Dock - Launch Menu (Just press Command + Option + ESC) - Install special app for that (e.g. Activity Monitor) - Look using terminal - Or use console commands

and that is not the full list! I founded all these methods here: https://osxtips.net/view-processes-mac/

Ofc, you can watch by yourself for more using google, bing, etc. C:

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