I'm a teenager who is into gaming. I've had a PS4 since last Christmas and pretty much haven't stopped playing it ever since. However, I've recently started to play on my Mac (and by recently I mean today) again, but everything I try to install requires an "Administrator Name and Password" which I understand and I used to remember. Seeing as I haven't used my Mac since last year it must be understandable how I've forgotten it. Every time I type my account name (located at the top right of my screen) and my login password it isn't correct.

I must have deleted my original account and I can't remember the name for it. Is there any way I will be able to find out?


If you end up needing to make a new admin account, there are several threads here covering that. I'd start with this one:

You can open the system preferences and look over all the users and groups. That way you can determine if you have the ability to recover a current admin or need to start with another and just go forward.

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