I have a folder in ~/Downloads/Media with lot of media files backed up in time machine. Since I moved the files back and forth it has taken so much space in my external drive. Can anyone tell me a way to remove the location from Time Machine completely? I want to remove the location permanently.

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Open System Prefs > Time Machine, then click Options…
You can add exclusions to the list, by clicking the + & navigating to the location, or simply by dragging any folder/drive etc into the box.

enter image description here

It would appear that anything already backed up will stay in the older backups until eventually it just 'falls off' over time, as Time Machine cycles through your drive space.

  • would that delete old capsules of the folder? Dec 18, 2015 at 12:20
  • I'm not sure. They'll either be removed at next backup, or just gradually fall off as the backups get older. Either way, the space will free up.
    – Tetsujin
    Dec 18, 2015 at 12:41
  • Cool, I just did it. Dec 18, 2015 at 12:42
  • Ah… just checked - they will fall off over time. I still have an old backup of something I excluded recently. It's gone from newer backups but is still there in older ones. I'll add that to the answer.
    – Tetsujin
    Dec 18, 2015 at 12:43
  • My disk is almost full, I gues it will fall off with the time. (y) Dec 18, 2015 at 12:43

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