VIP in company who uses several people's mail boxes purchased Mac Air. Outlook 2011 by default insists on locally storing everything.

50k+ items, plus attachments later the HDD is full. I've set the accounts to download headers only, but the HDD is still full. How do I remove the locally stored mail, because it's still on the exchange server where it belongs?

The computer is so full it can't really do anything anymore and I can only come to this Office once before Christmas.

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Outlook 2011 cannot disable storing the email locally. Your best alternative would be to access the email using Outlook Web Access (if it is enabled).

  • Yes, but you can ask Outlook to only download email headers which would have been the preventative measure. Just need to find out how to remove the data that's stored locally. Commented Dec 20, 2015 at 13:10

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