An email address I frequently type into web forms is srs@.... Yesterday auto-correct started changing the srs to sis as soon as I typed @. While keeping the rest of auto-correct working I would really like it to leave srs alone.

In my searching for an answer I found Is it possible (and how do I do it) to change what word Auto-Correct chooses when I make a typo? But I'm not making a typo.

I found a variety of answers for both OS X and iOS, but none seemed to the point. The worst was decrypting a substitution file maintained by Safari to edit?!


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Add a text replacement for srs to srs. This appears to preempt autocomplete from changing it. The technique is the similar to this answer for how to choose the correction to a typo.

To suppress a specific auto-correction:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Open Keyboard
  3. Choose the Text tab.
  4. Click the + below the replacement list.
  5. Add the same word to the Replace and With columns
  6. Close System Preferences.

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