Recently I've been noticing that while using all of my primary apps (GMail, Chrome, a couple games, Waze, etc.) the ability for the app to capture my touch interactions goes away. In other words, I'll be using the app and I'll touch the screen and nothing will happen. I'll tap, drag, pinch... nothing.

I'll close the app, open something else, touching works fine, go back to the original app and touch will still fail. I'll force-close and re-open the app and touch will work again.

Now, usually I'd blame something like this on the individual application, but this is happening sporadically on EVERY application, and this just started after the last iOS update (9.2)

Has anyone seen this and found a solution? To further clarify, when the problem arises, it doesn't immediately appear within all application. It seems to effect only one app at a time, but the bug seems to consistently occur across all applications that are used for a significant period of time.

This could be annoying if you are in the middle of a game and needing to restart and lose around, or if you are doing anything else that doesn't periodically save what work you are immediately working on.

Is there a solution?

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