Someone gives me old macbook with broken screen model white 7.1.

i get this mac as my computer i use it for study programming.

as monitor i use external monitor AOC 1080p. for connecting i use mini display port

So my problem or this problem of all mac notebooks i don't know.

So when i get this mac to sleep and sometime after i try turn it on it gets black screen.

now a days when i turn it off and next day try turn on it start with low resolution it loads with grey apple and then it shows black screen.

and after NVRAM or PRAM or SMC reseting and with 2 or 3 time it only load normal resolution and load OS.

my Question is:

it possible some how make this mac book understand that external monitor is main monitor and always load proper resolution like this be a mac mini.

later i want rebuild this macbook to look like mac mini and it bugs it's impossible


If you use you MacBook Pro in clam shell mode, your external monitor will automatically be the primary (and only) display.

See Apple's instructions on clam shell mode for more details.

  • my macbook is white and model is 7.1 which means 2010 year. my internal notebook monitor i was fully disconnect with all antenas and i have only bottom side. thats the problem only one monitor and when i set a password it stop recognize when it loads from vesa mode
    – jcmaxuser
    Dec 15 '15 at 19:12
  • i need understand how to make external monitor fully main like it's on mac mini for example. you putting monitor and start working with any problem after sleep or when just turning on
    – jcmaxuser
    Dec 15 '15 at 19:13

As described in Disable the Internal Screen on a MacBook Pro or Air in OS X Yosemite & Mavericks to prevent the Mac from using the internal monitor the following command need to be run

# in OSX 10.9 
sudo nvram boot-args="iog=0x0"

# in OSX 10.10/10.11
sudo nvram boot-args="niog=1"

# to undo
sudo nvram -d boot-args

then restart.

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