I can use the passwords in the keychain when opening a program, but if I try to display the password in the keychain entry I get asked for the root password. When entering the root password the beachball is displayed and never disappears. The program does not completely hang because I can abort the operation with esc. Still while the beachball is present I can't do anything else. Other passwords which are stored in the cloud (e.g. wifi pw) can be accessed.

The file rights are: -rw-r--r--@ 1 username staff 442368 8 Dez 18:53 username.keychain

I recently updated my Mac to El Capitan and repaired the file permissions with Disk Utility.

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It is a problem with MagicPrefs and el capitan: https://discussions.apple.com/message/29270520#29270520

Disabling MagicPrefs does the trick.

As always after an hour trying and googling I found the answer 5min after a post ;-)

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