I've just upgraded my Mac to OS X El Capitan and typed:

weather in Sao Paulo, BR

I got nothing.

I'm actually in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Any ideas?


From testing on my Mac, I can confirm that weather in Sao Paulo, BR doesn't actually show the weather, whereas weather in Sao Paulo, or weather in Sao Paulo, Brazil does. Whether or not the ã is used doesn't affect the result:

natural language testing

If these inputs don't return the natural language search results, then check on the OS X Feature Availability page. You may need to reconfigure your Language & Region settings in System Preferences in order to use the feature, until it's supported for your current Language and Region settings.

If neither of these methods provide solutions, you may want to try disabling and reenabling Spotlight Suggestions.

  1. Open System Preferences & navigate to Spotlight

enter image description here

  1. Ensure that Spotlight Suggestions is checked; if it's already checked, uncheck spotlight suggestions, then recheck it. Now, try bringing up Spotlight and you should be able to get the weather from typing weather in sao paulo

enter image description here

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