I recently bought a Macbook Pro 13" Early-2015 from a guy who used it only once and then reinstalled it for selling (already upgraded to the latest El-Capitan). After I set up my Apple ID I couldn't download the iLife & iWork apps for free, they all cost money.. I have them all free on my iPhone though.

What are the necessary steps to be able to download them for free? I know it should be on every Mac after 2013. The one I bought is 2015.

The Macbook was purchased in an official Apple Store in the United States, I have the receipt.


  • Did you already register the "new" mac with your same apple id. ?
    – LexS
    Dec 13, 2015 at 16:07

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You can download the iWork '09 and iLife '11 trials and install them. The AppStore will then offer to upgrade these old apps to the current version. See these or these instructions.

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