After I update to OS X 10.11.2, El-Capitan, from 10.11, my Aten USB to Serial UC 232A no longer works properly.

When I send hexadecimal data, for example client send : 02 01 10 30 30 30 03 CB, the server will receive 02 01 10 FF 82 8A 03 CB 00. Server always receive different data even when I send same data twice. Somebody can help me? Thanks.

Note :

  • I use MacBook Pro - Mid 2014
  • I use CoolTerm to send data and the Adaptor is Aten USB to Serial UC 232A.
  • In addition to this question, please can you report this directly to Apple via Bug Reporter. Every report helps! Dec 10 '15 at 12:02

This explanation on how to install USB serial drivers works for me


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