I need to SFTP connect to a AWS server behind a NAT server in a private subnet. Login to both the NAT server and the private subnet server is done using private SSH keys.

In windows, there is WinSCP which lets you create a SSH tunnel through the NAT server and then connect to the private subnet server.

What options exist in the OS X environment? Fugu is old. No other GUI seems to support SSH Tunnels

I have yet to figure out the terminal command lines or combination of terminal command lines and existing SFTP GUIs that let me tunnel.



You can use local TCP forwarding in ssh, for example:

ssh -L 2222:private:22 user@gateway

And then connect any of your graphical tools to the private server by connecting to localhost:2222, or just use again command line sftp:

sftp private_user@localhost -P 2222
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  • Thank you @Jakuje. For whatever reason previous answers just did not make total sense to me but your answer helped me do this. – StackNeophyte Dec 9 '15 at 2:32

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