As it currently stands, the OSX text substitution feature seems to require an application to actively support it to be available - which many do not.

Is there a way to make the text substitution available everywhere? If I'm not wrong this should be possible, I am thinking of a program that achieves this by doing something like hooking into the keyboard input on system level and performs the substitution by sending additional keystrokes after detecting that a shortcut has been entered. (E.g. after entering (c) it sends three delete keycodes followed by the substitution.) However I didn't find anything like this through my Google searches.

I'd also be content with a solution that requires me to select the text-to-replace and hit a keyboard shortcut to perform the action.

Does a program like this exist, or is there any other way?

  • You can use app like TextExpander.
    – Pratik
    Commented Dec 7, 2015 at 9:38

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You could try any of these:

  1. TextExpander
  2. Atext
  3. Typinator

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