Every couple of days I get this message that "iCloud Storage is Full" in a window on my MacBook, it is very annoying, as I know my storage is full and that I need to upgrade it. The window only gives me two options, "Manage" and "Upgrade", either of which opens up System Preferences, which wouldn't be such an issue if my internet connection was faster, but it takes System Preferences way too long to retrieve info about my iCloud Drive and I can't close System Preferences until it does. One cannot hide the window by clicking into another app.

The window

How can I disable these iCloud Drive messages from appearing (perhaps from a Terminal command)? I am using OS X 10.11 "El Capitan", if it makes a difference.

I'm really looking for something that will just prevent this window from launching, maybe via a Terminal command or deleting/renaming a file, rather than just giving in and buying more storage or freeing some space.

  • None of these suggestions worked. I deleted everything in my icloud, it still says "icloud full". I turned off icloud - I still get "icloud full" messages every time I open the notepad. Screw you Apple.
    – John
    Jun 23, 2018 at 4:32

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As far as I'm aware, these are the only ways to turn off this message:

All the Google searches and discussions on Reddit, Apple and other websites indicate that there is no other way. However I'm trying to reproduce the issue to see if it can be solved via the command line.

Until then, or until someone else comes up with a working procedure, assume the above is the only answer.

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    Good answer, but I'm really looking for something that will disable this window from ever appearing in the first place. Dec 28, 2015 at 5:17

I had this pop-up too and today I had time to see if I can disable it. It's not a final solution but I can at least kill it now. I hope others can help you (and me) point to a solution where it will never popup again.

The underlaying process which pops up this message is: UserNotificationCenter.app which resides in /System/Library/CoreServices/

You can kill it in Activity Monitor. But I wanted it 1 step easier so I made a small script.

Copy paste these lines in a plain text file and make sure to give it the extension *.command

#! /bin/sh
pkill -9 UserNotificationCenter
sleep 5
pkill -9 System\ Preferences
killall Terminal

After you did this open Terminal. Copy paste sudo chmod 755, press spacebar and drag your text file in the terminal window. Hit enter, type your password and your done. As soon as this message appears, double click this file and it's gone.

A little explanation: If you kill UserNotificationCenter it will open the iCloud System Preferences. 'Sleep 5' pauses the script for 5 seconds otherwise it kills Sys Prefs faster than it starts. The script starts Terminal to run it so we quit this too (but you can leave it out if you need Terminal).

This temporary solution works for me until we find a way to demolish it for good.

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