For some reason, in the 'About this mac' under storage, my mac running el capitan (macbook pro 13" early 2015) doesnt correctly display how much storage i've used. Does anyone have a fix for this?enter image description here

  • did you take a look at diskutility maybe your disk is partitioned – konqui Nov 24 '17 at 15:51

Try reindexing spotlight:

  1. Go to System Preferences>Spotlight
  2. Go to the Privacy tab, and add Macintosh HD the list.
  3. Restart/Reboot your Mac.
  4. Go back to System Preferences>Spotlight>Privacy and remove Macintosh HD from the list.

WARNING: This will consume large amounts of power (at first you can expect about 1% of power loss every 15 seconds or so, but it will slow considerably). It will also slow you computer considerably, using up almost all of one of your CPU cores, and about 2 GB ram. This is from my experience on a 1 TB hard drive, so it may be less or more intense for you.

P.S. Plug in your charger before doing this.

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