This Apple Script works great to mount the logged in Active Directory users network homedrive as a mounted network drive but we currently have it running as an App at login via "Login Items".

Instead I'd like to write this as a shell script so I can push it via Profile Manager as a login script since we are now succesfully running a few tasks off of a login script from PM.

Here is the AppleScript:

set username to do shell script "whoami"

set homepath to do shell script "dscl '/Active Directory/CAMPUS/All Domains/' -read /Users/" & username & " | grep SMBHome: | cut -c 10- | sed 's/\\\\/\\//g' "

tell application "Finder"

        mount volume "SMB:" & homepath
    end try
end tell

Thank you for your help!

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Below is a starting point.

homepath=`dscl '/Active Directory/CAMPUS/All Domains/' -read /Users/$username |grep SMBHome: | cut -c 10- | sed 's/\\\\/\\//g'`

mount_smbfs $homepath <mount_point>

I'm not really sure of the mount syntax. This answer may help with mount syntax.


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