Is there a way to create a rule in Apple Mail that will copy every sent message to another folder? I want to have every sent message to be copied to the G-Mail IMAP folder so that all my sent mail is on the server. It won't do it automatically because of the way I have my return address set up in the G-Mail Account . I can copy them individually, but I'd like it to happen automatically.

I understand that El Capitan has fixed IMAP in Apple Mail and handles it properly, but I can't upgrade to El Capitan until all my professional applications are solid. And they are not.

MacPro 3,1

OSX 10.10.5

Thanx in advance for any help you might have!



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I'm doing this for quite a while. Mac mail does not do it for you. However is works in this way: every sent message has an automatic copy to myself. In a rule I copy the received message with myself as the sender to a mailbox xxx. 1.Mail / Preferences / check Automatically Bcc: myself 2. Mail / Preferences / Rules / Add rule / "if any of the following conditions are met": from - contains - Move message to Mailbox good luck!

  • Thanks so much Jan. I really appreciate it. I never thought of attacking it in that way. Very clever. Although - and this is the OS's fault - it doesn't allow us to do it very elegantly! I understand that El Capitan fixes this.....But I can't upgrade... Commented Dec 8, 2015 at 1:54

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