I find that when I click "update all" in my iPhone 4S the downloads seem to start and then when they are completed, it stays stuck once the apps are fully downloaded.

I update through wifi, so it's not due to data restrictions.

The blue circles with the "stop" sign inside stayed like this for more than one hour. In the end I stopped them all and had to start and launch each update manually, which isn't ideal, and what I always end up doing.

enter image description here

PS: This is iOS 9.1


This was a bug in iOS9 that I thought they addressed in 9.1. Are you up to date?

What used to work for me is like you said, tapping the stop button and re-trying the updates individually.

  • But the bug is happening on iOS 9.1 in this current situation, my "software is up to date" – MicroMachine Dec 2 '15 at 21:38

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