I want to completely remove the driver of a TP-Link wireless network adaptor. I can't find any tips from TP-Link's official site. Is there a right way to safely and gracefully remove?

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Press and hold Alt/Option and click the wireless icon in the menu bar at the top right of the screen. For instance, I use TP-Link so there is a TP-Link icon. Click it while holding the Option key. You will see uninstall option there.


I see from your comments to the posted answer of your other question (How to remove wireless network utility icon from the menu bar?) you have a TL-WN822N V3 and both the Utility package and the Driver package come with an Uninstall.command to run to remove what's installed.

That would be the proper way to uninstall it.


The default location for 'drivers' (although there's not really such a thing in OS X) installed by the user is /Library/Extensions. I suggest looking in there for any .kext bundles which are related.

Unload the kext with sudo kextunload /Library/Extensions/kextname.kext, move the kext out and reboot. If everything is ok, delete the kext. If the machine kernel panics, boot into single user mode with ⌘S and move the kext back.


Very simple you will find file: (Uninstall) in the package folder just open it and put ur password then it will remove the app. for sure after restart your mac as well

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