When using File Vault on El Capitan, is there any way to disable the Auto Login, so when you start up it loads straight away without needing a password.

If not, then is possible to set it so when you enter a password it goes straight to the desktop and skips the loading bar. (i.e. so it preloads before the password is entered)

I understand why a password is needed, but it is overkill for my situation.

I'm guessing the answer is probably "no", but I thought there might be a terminal command or some other trick.

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    You can see this question from yesterday, per my answer it is possible to issue an ACPI restart command and not require a password on startup, but no other way. Dec 1 '15 at 18:13

If you want to automatically log in, you need to disable FileVault. A permanent work around would compromise your encryption entirely as described in this Support Article

You can use the fdesetup command to do a one time, immediate reboot and bypass the user log in step. This is designed for unattended reinstallations and works well in my experience if you need to restart and will be attending it physically so as not to lose control of your encrypted system.


It's not possible. FileVault encrypts the entire startup volume, and therefore cannot do much of anything (including logging you in, or even loading the OS) until a valid decrypt password is given. Once you supply your password, then it's able to load the OS and log you in.

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