On my MB Air 2,1 (mid 2009) the wifi is broken. Connecting with the internet is possible via an Apple USB-Ethernet-adapter.

When trying to install an app/update via the App Store (e.g. to OSx El Capitan) the message in App Store is:

Your device or computer could not be verified.

It seems to me a working Wifi Airport Card is a prerequisite for connecting/authenticating with the App Store.

  1. Can anyone confirm this is the issue?
  2. Is a work around available?

Otherwise I've googled a bit and as far as I can tell the options for this 6 year old machine are either to have the wifi repaired (€125) or buy a USB wifi dongle (€22) and accept that OSx will not be able to update.

Cf. e.g. this post:

A NIC (network interface card) is needed for authentication purposes to make sure the computer is what it claims to be.

on forums.macrumors.com reads like a sound argument.


repair wifi card or logic board then You will can log in usb wifi dongle or ethernet cable won't work. I know this is ridiculous.

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