I've been trying to create a bootable Ubuntu flash drive following instructions from multiple sites. I need to convert the .iso file to an .img using hdiutil. For starters, the syntax of the command is very unclear. The ubuntu site and the -help option of hdiutil say hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o ~/path/to/target.img ~/path/to/ubuntu.iso but the man hdiutil says hdiutil convert ~/path/to/ubuntu.iso -format UDRW -o ~/path/to/target.img. I have tried both ways and neither has worked. I don't get any sort of error message, and I know my paths are correct (when I try with an incorrect path it says so). The only thing printed in the terminal is

Usage:  hdiutil convert -format <format> -o <outfile> [options] <image>
    hdiutil convert -help

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Either format should work, so I suspect there's something else wrong. Are there any spaces in the filenames? Is it possible you're using some fancy (and shell-incompatible) unicode characters (fancy dashes, nonbreaking spaces, something like that)? – Gordon Davisson Nov 26 '15 at 7:47

Use ETCG drivemaker file, much easier.

Heres the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQIaDO9nR6Y&t=421s

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