Some apps, like Terminal and Textmate, offer transparent windows. With a good wallpaper, this can look really great.

But apps in full screen mode have a black background, not your wallpaper.

Is there a hidden feature or setting to set the background of fullscreen apps to a wallpaper?

  • This will cause most apps to crash
    – enzo
    Nov 25, 2015 at 11:08

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It doesn't look like there's a safe way of doing this; looking at this Apple Support Discussion answer, I can still find the referenced background image in my Yosemite install at:


Since this is buried in /System, it's highly unlikely there's .plist file/attribute you could change to point to an alternative background – so you would need to replace this image file with another to change the background. As you may or may not know, editing anything within the /System directory is tempting super-bad juju and very, very, very strongly discouraged by Apple and any IT people worth their salt.

Personally, I would recommend that if you really want a window background image in these apps that you instead configure each app to use the background image and dispense with the transparency (or submit a feature request to Apple and embrace the restriction in the meantime).

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