I have build a robot with a head actually made of an iPod (with iOS 6). I would like to take control of the camera remotely so I can control the robot from afar.

The program I need is very much like Skype, but I need to automatically activate the call as the robot is unattended.

  • The camera should not be activated all the time.
  • Unlike most camera programs, it has to be like a Skype call (video and sound both ways).

Skype allows you to do that but only on desktop version!

I have searched for such a program/functionality and didn't find anything. I am actually thinking of adding one servomotor to answer the calls on the screen... ridiculous.

Ideally this program should work on my iPod with iOS 6 but a solution on iOS 8 or even Android interests me as well as a backup solution.

Any idea?

  • i found another program that do almost everything but still not everything:
    – florent
    Nov 26 '15 at 20:39

So I found another program that does almost everything and that is "usable" in my case, as Skype is not.

Babyphone 3g


  1. It has the auto answer feature.
  2. The camera can be turned off when not used.
  3. If the connection is bad, it offers to take pictures.


  1. Video is only one way (big down) but sound can be both ways.
  2. The "babything" design which makes it look unapropriate for me when it is the best I found.
  3. Not free (and probably pay for each separate device you want to connect, have to check that)

I am not sure I should answer my question or edit my question in that case...

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