I have a 1TB external drive with three partitions:

  • FAT32 for extra storage (~500GB)
  • Ubuntu (~499GB)
  • Linux swap space (~1GB)

I want to boot to rEFind and then to Ubuntu from any Mac; preferably without destroying my Ubuntu install. I would like to split the FAT32 partition into two partitions:

  • FAT32 space (500GB minus a few megabytes)
  • bootable partition for rEFind (the aforementioned megabytes)

How can I do this, for free, on OS X; preferably from Terminal or Disk Utility? Would making the extra storage partition bootable work?

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Unfortunately OS X Disk Utility refuses to modify partitions on MBR disks. You can modify partitions form the command line using fdisk. If you have a Ubuntu machine you would be better to use this e.g. using gparted to resize/move/create the partitions.

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