I would like to install command line tools without installing Xcode as it is more than 4GB and I don't want to waste that much space since all I need are the command line tools. I have used xcode-select --install command but I still get an error message

active developer path ("/Applications/Xcode 2.app/Contents/Developer") does not exist, use `xcode-select --switch path/to/Xcode.app` to specify the Xcode that you wish to use for command line developer tools (or see `man xcode-select`)

Does anybody have an idea?


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Go to Apple Developer, login with a valid Apple ID, search for "command line tools", download an appropriate version, open the dmg and finally install the tools.

Here is a direct link (which still requires an Apple ID!) to the latest non-beta version: Command Line Tools OS X 10.11 for Xcode 7.1

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