After I upgraded from Yosemite to El Capitan with NTFS-3G and MacFUSE installed, both programs stopped working. So I wanted to remove them and install Fuse for OS X instead. I still have the NTFS-3G and MacFUSE settings page in System Settings available, but I cannot uninstall them because the button is not clickable.

After some little research, I found the NTFS-3G folder under:


I tried running the script uninstall-package.sh manually, but it did not work due to the changed folder location.

Now I wanted to ask if anyone has an idea how to get rid of them, including the System Setting entries.


In order to remove MacFUSE, you can following this guide. So:

  1. Access the root account: sudo su
  2. Execute uninstallation scripts:

  3. Additionally you can remove files and directories, that uninstallation scripts don't remove:

    rm -r /Library/PreferencePanes/MacFUSE.prefPane

    (to remove the button from the preferences)

    rm /Library/Preferences/com.google.macfuse.plist
    rm /Library/Logs/ntfs-3g_util.log
    rm /Library/Preferences/org.catacombae.macntfs-3g.DriverSettings.plist
    rm /Library/Preferences/org.catacombae.macntfs-3g.DriverSettings.plist.lockfile
    rm /private/var/run/ntfs-3g_daemon.pid
    rm -r /private/var/root/Library/Caches/autoinstall-macfuse-core
    rm -r /Users/admin/Library/Caches/com.github.osxfuse.OSXFUSEPrefPane
  • FYI: It seems to be '/Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs' for "MacFUSE" ... '/Library/Filesystems/osxfusefs.fs' seems to be it's successor "FUSE for macOS"
    – chipiik
    Sep 29 '18 at 16:50

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