When I zip or download a zipped file, Archive Utility doesn't display it's default zip icon anymore. Also when viewing Info and the large Previewer icon.
It now displays this version of a program I seem to have installed (don't know which).

How can I turn it back to Archive Utility's default blue zip icon when I compress or download a zipped file?
I've tried everything from changing the Get Info icon to going to Core Services (where nothing has changed in the icns files or Archive Utility)

enter image description here

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Try changing the default app to something else from the list of potential apps

enter image description here

Then click Change All..

enter image description here

Ensure the icon is now the correct one for your new choice, then repeat the process to revert to Archive Utility.

  • Didn't help. No matter what app I set it to and after restoring it to Archive Utility, that large zip image in the preview section stays the same.
    – jiggy1965
    Commented Nov 20, 2015 at 9:26

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