On Windows I use a simple Autohotkey script that allows me to easily bind to and switch beetween opened windows.

For example, I'm about to be using a browser, two consoles and a text editor in the next hour. So I open the browser and press Ctrl+Win+1 to bind it to the 1 key. Similarly, I map consoles to 2 and 3 keys, and the editor to 4 key.

And now I can switch to the specific app just by pressing Alt+<number>. It allows me to work literally not touching a mouse for hours. I can't imagine my life without it.

The question is: How do I achieve this on El Capitan? I've tried the Automator and Karabiner apps, but did not succeed.


Try out Witch - among many other features:

Choose any of the first ten windows with a single keypress.
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  • Does "first" mean "recently switched to"? If it does, then it wouldn't be of much help: the key-window associations will change as we cycle through the windows. – Alex Morozov Nov 17 '15 at 15:13

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