My Mac Mini, running El Capitan, and my iPhone 6 Plus are both on the same WiFi network, however when I select the Mac Mini in the Text Message Forwarding settings, it does not send a code to my Mac Mini.

If Messages is not running on my Mac Mini, then selecting the Mac Mini in the Text Message Forwarding settings on my iPhone will start the program, but no code. I have signed out and back in to iCloud on both devices, and I have rebooted both devices. Nothing seems to work.

In fact, everything was working as it should until around the time I updated to El Capitan.

How can I troubleshoot SMS handoff from a cell phone to OS X?


Handoff works over bluetooth primarily, so you don't really need WiFi connectivity. Start by toggling the bluetooth on both devices and see if other handoff / airdrop operations work. That will rule out interference and other issues on the basic connectivity.

You do need to be signed in to the exact same iCloud account on both devices, so checking the clocks of both and signing out and in can often verify iCloud account is operational on both sides.

  • I can't toggle bluetooth off on my Mac, as I will loose the keyboard and mouse, so I have no way to toggle it back on. I did toggle it off and on on my iPhone though. Again, when I go into "Text Message Forwarding" on my iPhone and select my Mac, it causes the Messages program on my Mac to launch, but still no code. – Flyboy_2 Nov 17 '15 at 23:43
  • @Flyboy_2 If you don't have an alternate mouse, you're right about delaying the mac bluetooth troubleshooting step. The iPhone will forward SMS messages to both Mac, other iPad and Apple Watch - so it should work but it's hard to guess what's messed up without trying things. Does it happen when the Mac restarts? That would cycle the bluetooth as well. – bmike Nov 18 '15 at 2:17
  • I am thinking it must have something to do with the upgrade from Yosemite to El Capitan. Text Message Forwarding used to work just fine on both my Mac Mini, and my MacBook Air. Neither one works now. I cycled bluetooth on my iPhone and my MacBook Air. It does the same as the Mac Mini. When I select the MacBook Air in Text Message Forwarding on my iPhone, it will launch the Messages program, but it does NOT send any code. – Flyboy_2 Nov 20 '15 at 0:12

Saw on reddit you have to make sure in preferences of messages that you are on the same Apple ID as on your phone, some times for what ever reason they can be different than the account on the computer.

All that was correct for me, simply logging out in message preferences and logging back in fixed the issue for me.

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