I run my mac mail in split view with other programs on a side monitor. Sometimes it would be nice to pop out reply windows and individual emails from full screen / split view so I can bring them to my main monitor.

Is there anyway to do this without undocking the mail program all together?


I asked Apple support about this one. The representative didn't seem to think that this was a supported feature in current OS X (El Capitan) and passed it along as a feature request.

The only other workaround I can think of is right-clicking Mail in the Dock to open a new viewer or new message on your primary display. This works for me when I have Mail in full-screen in an off-screen space. I haven't tried it on a dual-monitor setup yet.

  1. Reason

the reason seems to be this link

  1. Solution

I tried everything out. The only thing works for me is to "minimise" Mail.

  1. Trick

Because I normally close an app by shortcut command+w, It's so annoyed to minimise Mail every time.

So I added a shortcut to close Mail using command+w. World is much better then.

System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcut -> App Shortcuts -> +.

(I guess you know the next already) enter image description here

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