My ipod 5 got stolen and I was wondering if, when I get a new device (iPhone 5s) will I be able to keep my progress on the games on my ipod that I have through game centre. I'm hoping that when I get the new device, I'll log into gamecentre then install the apps and games I had on my ipod and have them up to speed with where they were on the ipod, mainly because I had progressed very far in the game 'clash of clans'. Is this possible?

  • Save data will restore only if you have a backup that you restored from. It can be either iTunes or iCloud backup. Nov 13, 2015 at 23:54

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Depends on the game.

Some games store data on the phone that is only recoverable from your backup, if you have one.

Other games/apps store data on the developer's servers and will be available when you sign back into the game or Game Center on your device.

For the Game "Clash of Clans" the save progress is matched with your Game Centre account.

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