The Fandango app recently released an update featuring Apple Pay support. I just bought movie tickets using Apple Pay, but when I got my e-receipt, the "Payment Summary" section said:

Payment Summary

MasterCard ***********_ _ _ _ (Apple Pay): [total cost]

My Total Order [total cost]

The "[total cost]" and the four underscores are my edits for my own security, but the email displayed the actual last 4 digits of my credit card number. I've made purchases using my credit card on my Fandango account in the past, but if I used Apple Pay here, shouldn't Fandango be seeing only my device-specific number?

(iPhone 6, iOS 9.2 Public Beta 3)

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I found this on google:

enter image description here

It seams that they definitely should not have the last 4 digits of your card, but they do mention showing the last 4 digits of your device account number.

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