There are some photos on my iPhone 6 plus that I want to get rid of but I can't. When I click the photo the trash-can disappears. When I click edit a note pops up saying these photos are not editable.

How can I delete them?


If the photos were put by syncing with iTunes you can't delete them using iPhone.

To delete photos and/or albums that were copied to your iPhone by syncing with your computer are deleted by doing another sync.

  • Start iTunes on the computer and connect your phone.
  • Select your phone in iTunes and select the Photos tab.
  • Then DESELECT the items you no long want on the Phone.
  • Then click on Apply or sync.

The photos or albums will be removed from your iPhone but they will remain on your computer.


Yup, if they are on the stream then you can delete it on your phone. Doing another sync on iTunes is required.

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