I have a MacBook Pro running on El Capitan (but the issue was already present before the upgrade, so it's not related). I have the Mac since a bit less than a year. It is still running perfectly but since a couple of weeks, the internet is really weird. It's constantly completely blocked and just not working. The wifi works well: on my iPhone it is never down, but every 30min or so, it just blocks while I am browsing (but the issue is there on all the apps used, from Xcode to my FTP client, and so on), and it doesn't work anymore. When I just turn the wifi off and on again, it works well for some time, and then the issue comes back again.

I tried changing the DNS (by using this software that indicates the fastest DNS to use) and I thought it worked at first, but the issues are back again.

I have tried deleting the wifi from my keychain and adding it again the problem is persisting.

Obviously I have restarted the modem a couple of times too, no difference.

Any advice?

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You can run a Cron action who turn on/off your wifi connection every 30 minutes ;)

Turn Wifi Off

networksetup -setairportpower en0 off

Turn Wifi On

networksetup -setairportpower en0 on


Schedule a Cron task :


Edit : Ohh sorry I was thinking that you wanted to turn on/off your wifi every 30 minutes :/ However, if you don't find a solution...


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