I have an iPod Touch that was upgraded to iOS 4. I am sick of my FM transmitter, and am looking for an after-market car receiver for my 1998 Honda Civic with iPod support, but am concerned because of discussions like Topic : iOS 4 - Iphone 3GS - Alpine X303 - Not supported anymore.

Articles like iPhone OS 4.0 paving way for Apple-branded car kit? and the comments section of Instant Expert: Secrets & Features of iOS 4 mention a feature called iPod Out. Also, iOS 4′s hidden “iPod Out” feature brings iPhone support to your car without the messy third party UI talks about how BMW is announcing support.

Does anybody know of third party units (Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, etc) that have specific support for iPod Out?

I mainly listen to podcasts and audio books (and not music) on my commute. One of the key features I want is the ability to use pause/resume controls on the receiver when I get a phone call. Doing a "slide to unlock", then finding the pause button while driving isn't very safe, so I end up missing content.


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iPod Out, indeed, looks very cool ...


... but is there any reason that a simple line-out cable wouldn't work, at least until more companies hop on the iPod Out bandwagon? There appears to be a whole lot of nothing out there right now.

At the very least it's way better than the FM transmitters, which really suck.

  • I updated my question to address the line-out suggestion
    – Kevin Hakanson
    Jul 28, 2010 at 23:30

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